• Clarkson University

University Overview

  • Has two campuses
  • Capital Region Campus (Satellite Campus)
  • Main Campus, Potsdam
  • GRE and GMAT is mandatory. It is only waived if a student has 5 years of work experience after bachelors
  • They accept a 3 years bachelors degree from both Nepal and India


Location State City
New York

Other Campus Location


QS Global Rank: 0

Times Higher Education Rank: 0

University Feature

  • Housing is not available for graduate students
  • Undergraduate students are required to live on campus for the first year
  • Part time GA opportunities are available
  • Everything can be scanned and sent including the test scores
  • For recommendation letters, the student has to provide the name and email of the professor. They would like the recommendation letter directly
  • For graduate applications and documents: gradintl@clarkson.edu


Undergraduate Requirements:

  • SAT- 1250 average
  • 550 on each section
  • 66% acceptance rate
  • GPA- 3.6 or average 91%


  • There are 3% undergraduate international students.
  • The international students are mostly from China, Iran, and India
  • 88% of international students live on campus


Distribution of International Students based on courses;

  • Engineering- 56%
  • Business- 20%
  • Arts and Science- 18%

University Intakes

Intake For Intake Date

Scholarship and Funding

  • Undergraduate scholarships are available for both Fall and Spring
  • In the graduate side, the department makes a decision in regards to scholarship
  • Full tuition waiver and stipend is only available to PhD studen