• CATS Academy Boston

University Overview

  • Boarding school at the high school level (Grade 9-12)
  • Graduate with all the requirements and a diploma to attend any university in the world
  • Scholarship available!
  • Up to full scholarship available ideally for grade 11th and 12th this includes both tuition and housing


Location State City

Other Campus Location


QS Global Rank: 0

Times Higher Education Rank: 0

University Feature


  • September
  • January


  • Runs on a semester basis
  • They have summer programs too but it doesn’t count towards high school credits
  • 93% have got offer from top 5% of universities in the US
  • English support is provided throughout the course of the study
  • Intensive English program for a month (August) is also available
  • Single occupancy rooms are available. Hotel style
  • Homestay options are also available
  • They do not have any student from Nepal yet
  • They currently have 400 students out of which 90% are international students and the other 10% are domestic students
  • They are also planning on growing their domestic student population



  • No application fee
  • Registration fee of $200- $300
  • Copy of their passport
  • Some kind of English assessment exam. Doesn’t have to be a TOEFL or IELTS, it can be a Cambridge exam or an English interview with Carl from CATS Boston
  • Transcript
  • Medical Forms

University Intakes

Intake For Intake Date

Scholarship and Funding


  • IB scholarship is available. It includes all the expenses. However; it’s a very competitive scholarship