• Endicott College

University Overview

Below are the big selling points for Endicott College;

·         Location

·         Community

·         Internship

·         Research

·         Outcomes


They give up to $20,000 in scholarship to international students from Nepal.


Location State City
376 Hale St, Beverly, MA 01915, USA

Other Campus Location


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Times Higher Education Rank: 0

University Feature

·         Established in 1939

·         Liberal Arts school with 4 private beaches

·         20 miles north of Boston

·         Trains from Endicott to downtown Boston is available

·         One of the most amazing campuses in USA

·         Very safe campus and safety and security has always been their priority

·         235 acres campus with 56 buildings, 30 residence halls

·         2,900 undergraduate students and 2500 post graduate students

·         Currently they have 5 Nepalese students

·         Study abroad options to Korea, Taiwan, Spain, and England is available for students

·         Small classrooms with an average of 18 students per class

·         Student-faculty ratio of 15:1

·         1 restaurant on campus with 4 different dining options

·         No teaching assistant or graduate assistantship option available

·         70 on campus clubs and organizations

·         Students at Endicott College graduate not only with a degree, but also a resume

·         99% of their students are either in graduate school or working within 6 months of their graduation

·         53% are employed by the company they intern at

·         Research thesis on the 2nd year

·         They also help their students with OPT processing

University Intakes

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Scholarship and Funding

·         Average scholarship for international students is $8k to $10k

·         No additional scholarship application is needed to be eligible for the above scholarship