Weekly Mock Testing for TOEFL, IELTS, PTE-A

All our students must compulsorily undergo our weekly mock testing program. This benefits them on several levels. First, they can monitor their progress and their test-readiness. In addition, they also get accustomed to the format of the test and the atmosphere of the real testing center. Lastly, these tests are extremely grueling and students can build up testing stamina by giving these tests regularly. 

The Weekly IELTS Mock Test

Our weekly IELTS tests are conducted at the IDP facility and exactly replicate the atmosphere of the real test. In addition, Speaking and Writing are evaluated by personnel who evaluate the real test so our students get evaluations that are reflective of what they will do in the real test.

The Weekly PTE-A Mock test

Our PTE weekly mock test uses real tests developed by the testing authority and thus gives a true reflection of students’ potential scores. Conducted at our state of the art labs at our head office and various centers, the PTE weekly mock tests are one of the most popular features of our suite of services for our PTE students.

The Weekly TOEFL Mock Test

Our TOEFL weekly mock tests are also conducted in our state of the art labs in the head office and various centers. Using official tests and also tests from private testing companies, our tests ensure that students go for the real test fully prepared.

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