Why Vietnam ?

Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula. It has an area of 331,210 square km. Hanoi is the country’s capital and Ho Chi Minh City is its largest city. Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam. Its official currency is Dong (VND). It is bordered by three countries – China, Laos, and Cambodia. Alfa Beta represents FPT Education Global as our partner institution. Established on September 13, 1988, with IT and Telecommunications as its core business sectors, FPT has provided services to 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam and has constantly expanded globally to a current presence in 45 countries. 

FPT University Global works as a specialized department recruiting international students to study at FPT Education. FPTU Global has brought opportunities to study in Vietnam for hundreds of students in countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Laos, Myanmar, Japan, Nepal, and Korea. We are here to provide considerable support with a range of information, support, and services to international students. At the same time, FPTU Global also seeks partners to develop training abroad such as Laos, Myanmar, etc.

In addition, FPTU Global is responsible for the development of student exchange programs and short-term training courses for international students coming to Vietnam. The organization maintains close relationships with nearly 70 universities in 20 countries and annually receives 1,000 foreign students to study and do short-term internships in Vietnam. The notable countries include Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, Australia, France, Germany, USA, etc.

FPT University currently has one campus in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, Hanoi and three other campuses in FPT City – Danang,  Ho Chi Minh City, and Can Tho.

Located in the heart of the most innovative and contemporary technological development centers of Vietnam. The three campuses have much to offer to the faculty, staff, and students. With state-of-the-art facilities, a multicultural environment and convenient distances to global and local ICT enterprises situated in the same areas as the campuses, FPT University students have a competitive edge over their peers regarding supportive study environments and exposure to real-world work experience.

Swinburne University of Technology (Vietnam)

Swinburne University of Technology has an international reputation for quality research that connects science and technology with business and the community. The 2019 QS World University Rankings ranked Swinburne in the World’s Top 400 universities (ranking 386th), placing us in the top three percent of universities worldwide. It has been established and developed for over 100 years and been well-known to Vietnamese over 20 years, as Swinburne has supported “The Way to Olympia Peak” since its inception, contributing scholarships and other assistance worth more than USD 1 million to provide opportunities for the winners.

In 2019, Swinburne is proudly in the partnership with FPT Education to initially bring to Vietnam Swinburne’s global education and research expertise in information and communication technology, business, and media and communication by establishing Swinburne (Vietnam), whose intake will take place in August 2019 after both partners finish documenting.


University of Greenwich (Vietnam)

The University of Greenwich is a British, United Kingdom-based university. One of the most respected, high-quality universities in London and Kent, Greenwich has a proud tradition in education that dates back more than 125 years. It is the academic home to a diverse and talented community of more than 21,000 students in the UK. It also has more than 15,500 students studying with 30 partner academic institutions in 29 countries.

Being one of the International University Partners of the University of Greenwich across the world, the University of Greenwich (Vietnam) in alliance with FPT Education normally called FPT Greenwich offers a unique opportunity for students to have the best of both worlds: a world-class undergraduate education at an affordable cost.


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