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Alfa Beta has a proud tradition of counseling students for studying in the UK for more than 2 decades now. We are good at what we do in the UK counseling department because of several reasons. With the new post study work rules set to be implemented, the Uk has seen a rise in interest in Nepal and we at Alfa Beta are working actively to make the dreams of our UK bound students a reality. At Alfa Beta we do applications through UCAS (To learn more about UCAS, click here ) and directly to the university.

Scholarships for Alfa Beta Students

Our expert Counselors will make every attempt to ensure that you get the scholarship you deserve in a UK institution. Our list of institutions is comprehensive and we do our utmost to ensure that all our UK bound students get Scholarships.

Alfa Beta Success Rates

Our counselors are great at their jobs so expect the best counseling and processing possible. Our turnaround times are also exceptional, so expect everything to happen fast!

Post Study Work in the UK

Once you graduate, you can stay back in the UK for an additional 2 years for post study work. This new rule will make all students who start their studies 2020 autumn eligible for post study work. This is a great opportunity to gain some valuable experience before you return to Nepal.  Come to Alfa Beta today for counseling on post study work.

Why the UK?

UK institutions are among the best in the world. While Oxford University and Cambridge University feature among the very best worldwide,  there are several UK universities that are consistently world ranked by QS , click here for more information and Times Higher Education, click here for more info

The UK is a world center for innovation and a leader in science and technology.  You can obtain the exact skill set employers want because UK universities and colleges are adept to constructing and maintaining syllabi that are geared to the job market.

The UK government guarantees that you will get a high standard of education. To know the relative quality available in an institution go to the website of the Register of Regulated Qualification. click here for more information link.


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