Why Choose Alfa Beta for your Study in Malaysia plans?

We are the pioneers and have been promoting Malaysian institutions since 2001. Alfa Beta realizes that that is a wide spectrum of needs where international student mobility is concerned and that Nepalese students are becoming more and more mobile. This has resulted in our opening up more and more destinations worldwide.

We also impart a level of detail to attention that is conspicuous by its absence in other similar businesses. Our attention to detail and meticulousness has resulted in getting the best results for our students at all levels and cuts across the spectrum of needs students possess.

Why Malaysia

Learning is an inseparable part of life but choosing the best to learn from, is all in your hands. Best in terms of affordability, quality, and accessibility, Malaysian universities are providing world class education.

Malaysia has been the most preferred study destination by students worldwide. The culturally diverse nation offers knowledge and education, handy in the chosen career field and in steps of life. Ranking in top 50 in QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings in 2016, the universities here have been providing quality education, offering different courses under internationally recognized degrees and levels of studies.

With students pouring in from around the globe, Malaysia is proving to be the one station for international experiences and exposure.


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