Why study in Finland with Alfa Beta?

No matter what we do, we’re good at it. Alfa Beta Counselors impart efficiency, transparency and commitment to all our students when counseling them for abroad studies.

Alfa Beta is a pioneer in promoting Finnish institutions among Nepalese students. Our services to such students have resulted in students achieving the outcomes that they have dreamt of when they first planned to study in Finland.

Alfa Beta provides students with the most friendly and informative environment for them to learn and grow in. The students have always been a top priority here at Alfa Beta, pushing them to think beyond the box and instilling confidence in them to showcase the best version of themselves in the world.

Alfa Beta represents six university: Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki School of Business, Häme University of Applied Sciences,  Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. The universities offer diverse courses all taught in English medium.

About Finland

Finland is a growing destination in the world for students wishing to pursue their higher education abroad. The education system here is considered one of the best as many renowned universities of the world are located here offering array of degrees, which are taught in English medium. Located in the Northern part of Europe the country is considered as the most peaceful and sustainable country in the world according to Fragile States Index 2016. The students are given an opportunity to broaden their horizon and receive knowledge to build their future in the healthiest ecosystem in the world. Finland is also known as the most innovative country, who believes in practical solution, providing students with practical knowledge and skills along with theoretical knowledge.  Besides being one of the best education systems in the world, Finland is also considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Filled with beautiful sceneries and cities culturally rich, studying here with not only enrich your education experience but also expand your mind set to adapt to the global market.

Prospect for Nepali Students

Finland is home to many top universities and its education system is considered the best in the world. It lands in the 19th position in the list of QS Higher Education System Strength in the world. Almost eight of the country’s universities appeared in the 2012/13 QS World University Rankings. It is a perfect destination for Nepali students as they get to experience a world-class education system along with a global exposure to expand their mindset.  The Nepali students can easily adjust in the environment as the Finnish people are considered one of the friendliest people in the world. Along with that the students get to work 25 hours per week during their term and easy to accommodations.

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