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Alfa Beta has been counseling students on studying in Cyprus for more than 2 decades now. Sunny Cyprus is more renowned for Hospitality studies, but it offers courses that cater to a wide range of needs.

More experience, greater expertise and a commitment to your outcome is what you can expect from our counselors when you process through Alfa Beta for your plans to study in Cyprus.

About Education in Cyprus

For International students, Cyprus has become the most preferred, popular, and favourite study destination because of its high quality education, professional and competent academic staff, Internationally-oriented programs, lower cost of living and affordable tuition fees. Earning a University Degree from Cyprus qualifies you globally and it is definitely a value that you gain through studying. Higher education is basically provided by institutions: institutes, universities, academies and conservatory. The academic programme is composed of two semesters in a year, beginning in September and ending in May. The mid-term exams are generally scheduled in October and March of the respective Semesters with the final exam at the end of each Semester.

Why Study in Cyprus

Most Cypriots speak English, so there is no language barrier unlike other European nations.

It’s a tourist destination, so it is more welcoming to outsiders than a lot of other European countries.

Cyprus is part of the EU and thus, you can travel to many European countries.

There’s sunshine all year round because Cyprus is a Mediterranean country.

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