Study Abroad at Alfa Beta

Welcome to the Alfa Beta Study Abroad page! In the last 29 years, we have helped thousands of students with our 360 Hybrid Study abroad services. Our students have multiple options by way of destinations and institutions. We offer a wide range of supplementary services too in Study abroad with trainings on several topics related to applying to institutions and applying to high commissions for student visas.

Supplemental Trainings

Our supplemental Trainings are really popular. Our supplemental trainings dwell on topics like ‘Living and Studying’ in all the destinations, Pedagogy in institutions outside Nepal, How to minimize Culture Shock among others.

Finances 101

It is very important to plan well before you go abroad for your studies. Financial planning is perhaps the most crucial aspect of the overall planning. Our expert counselors help your sponsors to plan their finances and also how to present your financial planning when applying for a visa.

Profile Creation and Matching

Every Student is different! That’s why it is important, from a counselor’s point of view, to be able to understand every student and place him or her in an institution that matches with their profile. Our expert counselors create a profile for each student and then help him or her to shortlist institutions according to the students’ needs and profiles.

Visa Interview Preparation

Some destinations will require you to participate in a visa interview. Our visa interview preparation helps you to understand several important aspects of international education such as understanding how higher education works in a destination, what the visa law is, and mainly how to present yourself as the genuine student that you are.

Test Preparation

Whether it’s language proficiency tests like the TOEFL, IELTS or PTE or reasoning tests like the ACT, SAT 1, GRE or GMAT- our expert teachers will train you to perform to the best of your abilities. Our classes are a harmonious and effective blend of the best strategies, tricks combined with a comprehensive approach to theory.


Institutions in many destinations offer scholarships. We do our utmost to ensure that students get the scholarships they deserve. Our USA bound students can apply for up to a full ride (no tuition and waivers on living etc. expenses) and our students to other destinations can apply for partial waivers. Rest assured that if you have the profile and intent to gain a scholarship, our expert counselors will help you to obtain it.