Dwiraj Sharma

President and CEO


Alfa Beta has gloriously completed 29 years in the field of International Education Consulting and is proudly representing more than 300 institutions from over 18 countries. Since its establishment, the organization has been dedicated to helping students make the right choice for their education and future careers globally. As a member of the AIRC, we follow very strict guidelines in our operations and have developed our working procedures accordingly. In these years we have grown to eleven centers across the country and an onshore center in Sydney, Australia. Today, we are the largest study abroad and test preparation center in Nepal, touching and changing the lives of over ten thousand students annually. Awarded with “Nepal’s No.1 Business Partner” for 2017, 2018 and 2019 by IDP IELTS, we have also been trusted by global organizations such as Pearson and ETS who have authorized us to run their test centers at our premises. True to our vision of providing life changing educational programs globally to our students, our first priority has always been our students and based on their profiles and choices, we recommend suitable institutions and destinations to them. With this our students have a variety of options to choose from for their further study options. We have always believed every student is special and so should be the institution and destination for them. I would like to thank all the students, guardians, providers and other stakeholders who have supported us tirelessly in this long journey and welcome all the students to our premises.

Manju Sharma

Managing Director (MD)


A very warm welcome to students, parents and well-wishers reading my address! I would like to start by stressing on the importance of education. Education teaches us to understand the world around us and how to bring positive change to society. It teaches us to develop a perspective on life. The most important thing is education is that we keep the continually improving. As progressive humans, we must not take things that we have obtained for granted. We have to keep learning. I have never stopped learning and still consider myself a student- a student of life.
International education is an important part of education. I am not talking about international education in the context of students who are from less developed countries going to first-world countries to get degrees. We must remember that the best higher education systems in the world, for instance in the USA, incorporate study abroad in their programs. How do students benefit? Firstly, the exposure they get from studying in other countries gives them a perspective on education in the global context. Secondly their personal development is aided when they experience other cultures and a different pedagogy. Finally, students who participate in international education are always pushing back boundaries and setting new standards.
It was with this vision on education that Alfa Beta was launched 29 years ago. It has been an interesting and eventful journey and we have continued learning. Our commitment to students is unswerving and relentless. However, it is not without support that we have progressed so far. I thank each and every one of you who have assisted us and been a part of our journey.