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We’re good at it! Our counselors know the Indian higher education system inside out and can help you avoid the pitfalls some students encounter.

We help the largest number of students to study in India at Alfa Beta! No Nepalese consultancy channels more students to Indian institutions than Alfa Beta.

Our network in India is immense! The number of universities and colleges we work with is immense. We have very close links with top institutions like Sharda University learn more about Sharda University- click here

About an Education in India

India over the years has succeeded in establishing itself as one of the top choices for students across the globe. It was ranked 12th most popular country for US students to study abroad by Open Doors report from the Institute of International Education, and has the second biggest population and the fastest growing economy.  The country has expanded its higher education system over the past decades and is one of the largest higher education system in the world after the US and China. The country has more than thousands of colleges and universities for students to choose from. India was ranked 24th in the world in the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings 2016. Besides the education system, the country is one of the most diverse in terms of culture and languages. The people are friendly, warm to new people, and always eager to learn about new countries. Students will have a marvelous time discovering about all the culture and witnessing religious and naturally beautiful places in their spare time while receiving high quality education.

Prospect for Nepali Students

The neighboring country has been one of the top destinations for Nepali students for many years, due to the hassle free processing. The students do not need visa to study in India and since the cultures between the two countries are very similar, it is easy for the students to adjust and interact with the local people. Finding accommodations is easier in India because they are many so many hostels and rental places. India is comparatively affordable than most other countries as the exchange rate between India and Nepal is very close (1 INR= NRs. 1.61). The country is most popular among engineering students as many top colleges are there for that particular course. Nepali students have vast options to choose from, and since living, education and travelling fee is cheaper and affordable, students prefer to study in India.  

Why via Alfa Beta?

Alfa Beta believes that education is a right that everyone should have. It tries to provide the best services and prospect to everyone that comes at its doorstep. It upgrades and improves it services through intensive research and trainings. Another prospect destination that Alfa Beta is providing to students is India.

It proudly represents some of the best colleges of India; Acharya Bangalore B. School, Acharya Institute, Apeejay University, Ethames Graduate School, Jain University, Jodhpur National University, Modi Academic International Institute, MVJ College of Engineering, Sharda University. The universities provide wide range of courses for students to choose from along with merit basis scholarships. They provide quality education without demanding for a heavy spending.

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