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Kickstart your journey to success in Australia with Alfa Beta! Alfa Beta has a proud history of 29 years in counseling for Australia. We place hundreds of students in Australian universities and colleges every year! Our students go to a variety of locations and our range of universities is unmatched. Our visa success rate is near-perfect and right now, in Australia, there are thousands of students who remember their time at Alfa Beta fondly!

Our 360 Hybrid Credo

Our services to students who wish to study in Australia adhere to our 360 Hybrid credo.  We provide a whole gamut of value added features in our services to Australia bound students.

Profile Matching

Every student is unique. They all have different backgrounds, personalities and needs.  We adopt a customized approach that caters to a student as a unique individual. Each student application matrix is meticulously scrutinized and suggestions made accordingly.

Career Counseling

Undergrads truly appreciate our career counseling sessions. For every major, we get professionals from the field to give presentations and personalized advice to our undergrads on the various careers, responsibilities, work atmosphere, growth potential and earnings available in each major so that students have a clear vision as to what kinds of careers they will experience in each major. 

SOP Workshops and Editing

The Statement of Purpose is one of the most important aspects of applying to Australian institutions and the Australian High Commission for a visa. All Alfa Beta Australia bound students attend an SOP workshops in which they learn some of the most important aspects of the SOP. This is followed by several drafts compiled by the student and edited by our expert SOP team at Alfa Beta. Our students’ SOPs are specific and address the most important concerns of institution and the High Commission directly and precisely.

College/University Shortlisting

We provide a range of programs- from pathway programs for undergraduates to Doctoral programs- to our students in a range of institutions across a variety of urban and regional destinations in Australia. From world ranked prestigious universities to smaller and more specialized colleges, we have it all. Rest assured, you will find a program and an institution that matches your profile and budget with a course that aligns with your career goals.

College/University Application

Our applications team is painstakingly thorough when they compile student applications.  Every part of your institutional application is checked and double checked to ensure that no stone is left unturned in ensuring a perfect application.


We are proud of the fact that only genuine students choose Alfa Beta! GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) is arguably the most important part of the whole process of applying to study in Australia as an international student. Our stringent GTE processes ensure that each students crosses this hurdle on  the way to success as a student in Australia.

Visa Application

Visa lodgment by our expert team of counselors is done as meticulously as the college/university application. These are the reasons we have a near perfect record with our students in Australia. Our turnaround times are remarkable too because we adhere to a stringent timeline with all our applications.

Pre departure Orientation

Knowing what to expect and knowing your responsibilities once you arrive in Australia is one aspect that cannot be underestimated. Our pre-departure orientations cover a gamut of student experiences and responsibilities.

Onshore Assistance

Alfa Beta has a presence in Sydney too! Once an Alfa Beta students obtains a visa to study in Australia, our Sydney office is notified. Our students are instructed to contact our Sydney office immediately if they are facing any problems and need assistance. You can be certain that our Sydney office will be prompt and effective in addressing any concerns or solving any problems after you arrive.

Why Study in Australia?

It’s one of the best Higher Education Systems in the world. QS ranks Australia as having the 4th best system in the world in its system strength rankings click here for more info 

A Majority of Australian Universities are world ranked.  34 Australia universities are world ranked according to Times Higher Education click here for more info

It’s multicultural, accepting and peaceful. Australia has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. If fact it is the 13th most peaceful country according to the Global Peace Index. click here for more info and it is also one of the most welcoming countries in the world for international students.

It is the center for innovation in the region! Wifi, Fridges, google maps, ultrasound and the pacemaker were all developed in Australia.


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