Established in 1956, University of Michigan-Flint is a public university located in Flint, Michigan in the United States. The University of Michigan-Flint concentrates on equipping students with the knowledge, experiences and skills to make lasting contributions to the businesses and organizations.

Michigan is a thriving campus of educators, and current and future leaders. The university allows students to gain their educational experience in diverse environment accompanied by highly dedicated staffs, range of student services and flexible learning system.

University of Michigan Flint guide students in every steps of their academic journey enabling them to adjust to university life and access the full range of student service and resource available on campus.


  • Encourage engaged learning.

  • High student satisfaction ratio.

  • Ranked as Top 32 public college.

  • Safe and secure environment.

  • Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

  • Offers range of quality academic programs

  • Safe and secure living environment


  • Merit based scholarship available for students with 3.25 and above GPA.


  • Accounting

  • Health and Social Science

  • Management

  • BBA

  • MBA

  • Marketing

  • International Business

  • Leadership.