Established with an ever expanding, purpose built facilities, performance spaces, music production studios and industry staff on hand, Australian Institute of Music (AIM) is a nationally recognized private non-profit institution, with campuses in Sydney and Melbourne.

Founded in 1968, AIM delivers innovative education for careers in the music, entertainment and performing arts industries, with reputation as a leading independent education provider.

The AIM encourage artistic collaboration and entrepreneurship and emphasizes in fostering innovative cross-disciplinary performance and production. The Institution strives its attention in delivering excellence practice-based learning and teaching facilities, stimulating cultural and creative innovation through artistic exploration and free intellectual enquiry.

Also works on educating and empowering creative practitioners to confidently embrace proactive professional careers in arts and entertainment performance, production and management.





  • Offers customised Music Education.

  • Professional teaching staff

  • Empowerment through innovation, discoveries and creative learning process.

  • Leading education, production and performance facilities.

  • Facilitate professional employment in global creative industries

  • Focus on individual talent and creative development.


  • Music Theatre

  • Composition and Music Production

  • Entertainment and Arts Management

  • Audio

  • Dramatic Arts.



  • January, May, July, September