Operating since 1999, AIT is a specialist higher education and vocational education institution located in Sydney with campus in Melbourne. AIT is well known for a multi-disciplined and hands-on approach to creative technology education.

AIT emphasis in advancing skills and competency among students through its well designed quality courses, facilities and  cutting-edge industry software that enable students to gain the most from their education.

The AIT specialises in delivering higher education courses in creative industries with growing graduate demands and is committed to assist students enabling them to expose to industry employers and be prepared to confidently commence their career.



  • Creative, collaborative and interactive study environment.

  • Affordable tuition and living cost.

  • Offers real-life experience through industry designed tools and techniques.

  • Recognised as a High Quality Tertiary Education Provider by Australian Government Tertiary Education and Quality Standard Agency (TEQSA)

  • Outstanding academic quality.

  • Ensure fair treatment and protection of students.

  • Offers assistance during internship program.


  • Diploma
  • Bachelors


  • January, March, May, July, August, October