Alfa Beta Global

Over a span of 28 years, Alfa Beta has reached a position to proclaim ourselves as one of the best companies for Test Preparation, Study Abroad and Career Counselling in Nepal.

Having become an agency at the forefront of higher education services linked with Nepal, India, Australia, U.S.A, U.K, Canada, Japan and many more countries we’re developing ourselves to be more oriented toward a global presence. 2019 is going to be an extremely exciting year for us as we offer more for our students than we have ever before!

A testament to our success is the ability to open up our doors as an onshore office and agency in Australia with an Australian citizen as our Operations Manager who will also head our post counseling product with other Nepalese counsellors; receiving and caring for students who arrive in Sydney as well as conducting regular support for students themselves which creates higher retention within our partner institutes and includes extra classes assistance and IELTS/PTE courses on top as well as living assistance and consistent career counseling and Alfa Beta alumni notifications.

With globalization comes the opportunity for students to study in foreign countries. There are several factors which contribute toward the advantages of studying in Australia: Quality, Excellence and Innovation.

We select education institutes to partner with that impart the most modern skills through innovative teaching; a high level of technological advancement; some of the best infrastructures and facilities, welcoming multicultural society and quality life style in a safe environment.

By 2018 Australia had received over 45,000 students from Nepal. Our onshore office is going to facilitate the improvement of Alfa Beta (offshore admitted) student’s retention and ability to keep studying at their highest standard and promote longevity in the industry to genuine and high quality institutes while driving toward creating a name in other continents around the world.

We believe that there is a tremendous potential in every individual student and all have different needs and dreams, all that is needed to tap this potential is to give the individual the space, resources and encouragement to grow and explore.

It’s a privilege to continue serving our long term partners throughout the world and have the ability to continually expand our wings and develop our operations into more continents.

Our Sydney Office is located at Suite 402, 368 Sussex Street and our team can be reached also at and +61-4133-73369 .




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