Pre - Engineering Foundation Course

Pre-Engineering Foundation


This is a detailed, in-depth course for Grade XI/XII ‘Physical-group’ students.

Every year, more than 15,000 students appear in the entrance examination to study in national engineering colleges, including the private engineering colleges. Out of them, only around 300 students get the chance to study with scholarships.

The general trend in Nepal is to prepare for these Entrance exams after HSEB examinations, i.e. around Jestha. As the general date of Entrance Exams fall around the month of Bhadra, less than 3 months after  HSEB examinations, there is sparsely anytime for the students to prepare for the entrance. In such a case, most of them fail to get their seat assured.

You may wonder why many students with high marks in 10+2 do not fare well in the entrance exams and fail to get a seat. The simple reason is that they prepare for Entrance with the ‘10+2 approach’. Mere mugging up or cramming of some laws and formula is probably enough to answer the straight questions of the 10+2 exams but the tough Medical/Engineering Entrance Exams demand the students to understand the basic concepts as the questions are increasingly getting tricky every year.

Moreover, the students who could skip a topic or two in 10+2 under the open choice pattern cannot afford to do so in the Engineering Entrance Exam. The entrance exam is an entirely different ball game. Here, there is no way you can take chances. And there are no ‘choices’ in your entrance question papers except for the ‘multiple choices’ in each compulsory question.

The principles, laws, and factual information of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology are always same. We have been, in a way programmed to answering only long and short questions from class 1 till today. But the question is do you have the right concept or not. If yes, you should practice as much as you can to use this concept to unfold the twisted questions that are aimed at teasing your brains and get adapted to solving MCQ’s. Hence one needs to start their preparation in time and practice as much as possible, standing ahead of the rest because as they say:

“The More You Practice, The Luckier you get”


                  AIMS is also the pioneer in Pre-Engineering coaching preparation. We have succeeded giving the best of basics of entrance to our students that was fruitful for them to go through the tough engineering preparation.

                  You can prepare for your Engineering Entrance exam by joining AIMS in the following programs:


         Pre-engineering Foundation-I

            à     Designed for twelfth graders which will prepare you for your final exam preparation and engineering entrance preparation.

            à     The entire course is well tailored to perfectly suit your needs.

           Pre-Engineering Foundation-II

à  Starts from Grade XI and includes the course of 10+2 and the in-depth basics of entrance preparation.


Classes start in the month of:

Shrawan  - for Grade XII students (PE1)

Bhadra  - for Grade XI (PE2)

Classes will be conducted :

3 times a week; for 12 + 3 months – PE1 (Grade XII students)

3 times a week; for 24 + 3 months – PE2 (Grade XI students)


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