An Alternative to Nursing with IELTS 5.5!

Apr 04, 2018

We have a possible back-up plan for you - Child Care. The Child-care industry is booming all over the Western world, and as women working becomes more common throughout the globe, childcare becomes more and more in demand - particularly for international students.

AIA - Australasian International Academy is coming to Alfa Beta's office to do an exclusive workshop on their Diploma/Advanced Diploma of Child Care.

They'll explain why:
- A potential Nursing student could thrive in Child Care
- The opportunities you have with an education in Child Care
- The reasons you could consider it as a career path if you're not confident of getting IELTS 7.0.

So, what do you have to lose by coming to our office at New Baneshwor, Wednesday 4th April at 10:30am to learn more? It's always best to keep your horizons open for any opportunity that may come about!

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