The ACT test is the most valued and recognized test by all the universities and colleges in the United States. The test is based on what the students learned in high school and provides personalized information that showcases their strength for education and even career planning. The ACT tests your knowledge in four different areas: English, Science, Mathematics and Reading and also has an optional writing section. This computer based test is 2 hours and 55 minutes long without the writing section and 3 hours and 35 minutes long with the writing section. To register for the exam, the candidates have to create a profile on 

The English section of the ACT will measure your grasp for English, production in writing and knowledge of the skills. This section will have 75 multiple choices that need to be completed in 45 minutes. 

The time allotted for the Math section is 60 minutes where the candidates will have to answer 60 multiple questions. The multiple choices will assess your mathematical skills and the questions are acquired from what you read from the beginning of grade 12.

The reading section assesses your reading comprehension commonly encountered in colleges. The time allotted for this section is 35 minutes where the candidates have to answer 40 multiple choices question. 

The science section is also allotted 35 minutes where the candidates have to answer 40 questions that assess their analysis, reasoning, problem solving and interpretation, evaluation skills that are necessary in biology, chemistry, earth/space, science and physics. 

This is an optional section where the candidates can choose whether they want to give their writing test or not. This section measures their writing skills and their articulation skills. The candidates have 40 minutes to write about a particular topic.

Why Alfa  Beta?
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The courses are thoroughly researched and updated by our research and development team to carter to your needs. Personalized ACT preparation is also available to help individuals to sharpen their strength and improve their weakness. The courses are well designed and build to enhance the key skills that students should possess to ace the exams.
We also provide students with all the necessary tools and materials that will assist them to score a high result. Our strategies are full proved and our team here keeps track of all the latest changes in the testing and question patterns, trends etc.  So choose Alfa Beta for an opportunity to get into the best colleges of the US.

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